Zelensky has no interest in peace – Diego Fusaro

It is now clear and beyond any reasonable doubt: Ukraine, guided by the mummer Zelensky, a NATO actor, is looking for total war. He has no intention of trying to follow the diplomatic path and quickly achieve peace.

This is what emerges from the most recent declarations by the G7 fool: no possibility of dialogue with Putin, dialogue can only take place when in place of Putin in the Kremlin there will be a president who is welcome to the Atlanticist West. In short, what we already knew emerges: the actor does not seek the independence and freedom of his people, but uses his people for the imperialistic interest of NATO.

It emerges with a clear profile that this fool is simply a puppet without dignity manipulated by Washington with a very clear purpose: to favor the expansion of NATO towards the East, to put Russia in check and ultimately produce a regime change in the Kremlin, so that in place of Putin a liberal-atlantist puppet of proven faith in Washington will come to power.

In short, the well-known and well-tested strategies of the dollar civilization, which thinks it can treat the whole world as its own dependence and take down one after another the states and governments that do not immediately bow to its planetary domination. This is why the fool Zelensky does not seek peace, which is why contrary to what the media professionals in Washington tell us, the only force that is doing something to favour diplomacy negotiations is precisely Russia which so demonized by the order of dominant discourse.

Diego Fusaro

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