East & West Books

East & West Books has been launched in November 2017. It works mainly as an online publisher at the moment. It is possible however to order a printed version of one of our books through Amazon and get it delivered to a customer’s address.

Reading habits have changed a lot over the last decade and are probably going to be altered dramatically by the internet and the online publishing industry. Today some 28% of Americans read their books online (trend increasing).

Online publishing allows to keep the costs of publishing contained and to reach out to audiences and potential readers who would not otherwise spend 20 $ for a hardcopy book. Moreover, with Amazon Kindle your publish your book across all the Amazon international platforms for all the countries where Amazon has an online shop. Your book can easily be made available for readers on Amazon Japan or Amazon Brazil for example.

Publish your book with East & West!

Are interested in current affairs, history or economics? Have you written a book or are you in the process of writing one? Submit your book proposal to East & West Books and after having reviewed it, we will publish it online (and, at your request in print) and take care of developing new distribution channels, depending on the potential audience.


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