Putin, Putin everywhere – Myśl Polska

This article originally appeared on Myśl Polska.

The German Office for the Protection of the Constitution has targeted German vaccine-skeptics who do not trust vaccination against COVID-19 with drugs that are not sufficiently tested for side effects, or for how long they last.

Someone might ask: what does the Office for the Protection of the Constitution have in common with vaccine-skeptics? Well, it does, and a lot of it. The authorities are now checking whether the rapidly developing anti-vaccination movement in Germany is not inspired and financed by… Putin.

Here is an interesting example of manipulation by globalist-liberal circles that are starting to see the invisible hand of Vladimir Putin literally everywhere. Donald Trump’s win? Putin was behind it. The Trumpist Attack on the Capitol? Because of Putin. Euroscepticism? Putin is behind it. The Rassemblement National of Marine Le Pen in France? Money from Putin. We know it also in Poland. Establishment of the Confederation? Putin. The so-called total opposition? Putin. Women’s Strike? Putin. Antoni Macierewicz? Putin. It is quite easy to identify supporters of the globalist-liberal project today: they see Putin’s agents everywhere. Every thought, idea, action, party, association against the model of liberal globalization has a shadow of Vladimir Putin behind it.

I once met, privately, one of the leading activists of today’s Women’s Strike. And for the following two hours, she explained to me – with a gleam in her eyes – that Putin was behind all the movements of Pro Life. Behind anti-immigrant movements? Putin. Behind Catholic Traditionalists? Putin. Behind a Movement to Oppose LGBT Demands? Putin. Ultimately, she communicated to me that there was such a thing as a “Putin agenda,” that is, a pan-European Eurosceptic, Catholic, conservative, anti-abortion and anti-gay movement. Putin is said to be behind each of these views. If so, who is behind the vaccine skeptics? Let us ask another question: who could be standing? When liberal globalists pronounce the word “Putin” they use it as a synonym the enemy.

Adam Wielomski

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