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This article was written by Polish journalist Konrad Rękas in response to Andrew Korybko’s latest piece about how “Germany Wants To Replace The Patriotic Polish Government With Europhile Puppets”. It originally appeared on One World.

I tried to understand the author’s writing that Poland is already on its road to independence because I know that deep in his heart he wishes all the best for my fatherland. Unfortunately, he’s wrong.

Servant or Servant of the Servant?

It is naive to see the internal struggle in Polish politics as being between the two main parties, Law and Justice (PiS) and Citizens Platform (PO), and over the strategic controversy of whether or not to be an independent state. At most, we are dealing with controversy about to whom, or rather how, to be dependent. This, of course, depends on who is subject to which embassy. In other words, the real difference between the main political forces in Poland boils down to this: Should Poland be directly dependent on the United States (as PiS prefers) or be dependent on the USA through Germany (as it has been until now and is supported by the rest of establishment, including PO)?

So, unfortunately, I have to disappoint all foreign friends of Polland. There is no pro-independence position in mainstream Polish politics.

False Help from the False Friends

Of course, the view is known that (obviously acting in its own interest) the current American policy, willy-nilly, strengthens Poland in relation to Berlin and Brussels and therefore objectively serves to increase the scope of Polish sovereignty. But even this opposition is false. Poland’s subordination to Germany concerns the sphere of economics, and there is no American offer that changed this state of addiction. In effect we’ll be still dependent on Germany in economics but obliged to also pay the Americans for “political protection”, so after this whole “change”, are we going to have two hegemons instead of one and a half?

No, thank you.

The Undeservedly Good Reputation of Law and Justice Party

Well, we the Poles know our ruling party PiS has an undeservedly good reputation abroad. First of all, this is because of who criticizes the party (“If Soros hates them – they have to be fine!” – if this opinion is always true, then should we now support Netanyahu?). Secondly, this is due to the realities of Western political correctness where it is enough to wave the national flag to seem like God knows what kind of a patriot.

But all of this just reflects badly on Western politics, not well on PiS.

Objectively, the PiS governments weaken and destabilize the state, while PO rule was just a continuity of the stagnation we’ve known since the 1990s (as we can see from the example of the total disorganization of the legal and political system during the coronavirus crisis, the cancellation of the presidential election, and the chaos caused by the ignorance of the authorities). What is worse, however, is that the level of Polish sovereignty is much lower under PiS than before, and more precisely, it becomes more evident. It may be hard to notice from abroad, but unlike in Romania or other Central European countries, in Poland, the degree of our dependence on the West, the position of Western ambassadors, etc., has not been revealed. It has been only under PiS rule that the American Ambassador in Warsaw already explicitly gives orders to individual ministers, changes their decisions to the extent favourable to American corporations, and conducts open colonial activities (including ideological ones, like open support for the so called “Equality March” and other symptoms of the Gender Ideology).

From the point of view of the position of the state and national dignity, this is a real disaster.

The Sum of All Fears

My friend Andrew Korybko is also wrong that there have been some changes of accents in geopolitics and international propaganda. PiS has not replaced the “Russian threat” with the German or European one, it just added them to the pot. After all, they always try to scare us with Russia. And the only truly new and recent element is that now the Warsaw government has also become Sinophobic.

Next, PiS is the successor to the Porozumienie Centrum (“Central Agreement”) or PC, a party founded in Poland by the Adenauer Foundation and the CDU. Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of PC and PiS, was one of the most pro-German politicians of the 1990s. Let us be under no illusions — PiS cannot be any kind of an anti-Brussels party. It does not conduct any discussion about Poland’s exit from the EU or even a change in its structure. And it was PiS which strongly supported the Lisbon Treaty, leading to its ratification by Poland. And even if, ever, the slogan “POLExit” will in some moment be heard in Polish politics, it will only be when the Americans give such an order and only when they start to build a second alternative and their own union. And in such a project, there will still be no place for Poland’s sovereignty.

We, Poles, just like everyone, like when they write well about us, especially those based abroad. But if we fall into wishful thinking, believing in another false flag, then we will not only never regain independence, but never even understand how global geopolitics really works. And such a small nation like the Poles cannot afford to do that any more.

Konrad Rękas @KonradRekas

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the author. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of East & West

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