We shall never forget

Tomorrow is May 9, Victory Day. 75 years from the day when we gained full confidence that we will live, we the future generations whose grandparents, great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers have all directly or indirectly participated in the war. In 2017, new data was declassified 41 million people – 41 MILLION – in the USSR fell victims of absolute evil on earth. Think about this figure … 41 million … The loss of the armed forces was about 27 million, and this figure alone is, to put it mildly, impressive.

Probably, on that day, May 9, 1945, the winners were sure that evil was finally conquered and peace, goodness, justice and in general reigned on earth, all the good things that children always dream of. But, unfortunately, this was not so, human nature took its toll, and the rewriting of history began, and the ideals for which our ancestors fought were covered in mud. Rewriting history is mainly done by those who surrendered to Hitler without resistance or resisted, but not enough. Poland accuses the USSR of simultaneously attacking their country together with Hitler, Czechia demolishes a monument to the hero Marshal Konev and starts honouring the Vlasovites, traitors who fought on the Wehrmacht’s side, Hungary resents the “tyranny of the USSR” during the occupation, etc. American textbooks casually mention the role of the USSR in victory, there is no data on the number of dead from the USSR, and the winners are they, the USA. In Europe, the textbooks of many countries also distort the concept of war, and the youth of Europe know little about the current state of affairs during and after the war.

The most interesting thing is that among those who are trying to rewrite history, there is no Germany… Because they know what and how it was, they realize and repent … And for that, we sincerely thank you.

And there are also those who simply regret that Hitler lost… At first it was not so noticeable, quiet, underground, with a swastika and raising their right hands upwards, they celebrated Bandera’s birthday and every little “victory” on partisan attacks against the Soviets… But after the Maidan revolution, their voices sounded louder and bolder, and now they are not embarrassed to post their photos and photos of their children, on which they shout “death to the thieves, death to Muscovites”, etc. with machine guns in their hands and hatred in their voices. And from none of the leaders of “enlightened” Europe we have never heard condemnation of these idiots. And this is a very alarming sign, it means that fascism is alive, it is not finished off, and that they are ready to be used at any moment if it is needed.

This is the saddest reformatting of history in the minds of Ukrainians. And this story is reformatted mainly by immigrants from western Ukraine, whose ancestors fought on the side of the Nazis and whose main ideologist was Bandera. They do not take into account the fact that if the Nazis won, they would have long been dead and their children would not have been. Hitler’s plans did not include leaving the Slavs and Jews alive, and if they did, it was only to use them as slaves.

In recent years, it has also become fashionable among liberals to express outrage at the fact that we are having a holiday, and not just mourning for the dead. Yes, we celebrate, because an alternative version of history is the worst-case totalitarianism — the destruction of entire nations and the building of a society where there is no place for good and compassion. And so we celebrate because Hitler’s vision of the world, fortunately, did not materialize. And we also grieve, because 41 million dead … And the immortal regiment is a great thing, because it is powerful and reflects the scale of the tragedy.

We must know, we must remember, we must remind everyone and everyone, as it was, tell, show, explain, do everything possible so that this tragedy does not happen again, no matter how corny it sounds, good is stronger than evil. And so that those who look at us from the next world, do not regret that they once fell to the ground in the most terrible war on earth.

Ksenia Baturinets

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