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This text was originally published on Nachdenkseiten.

It is not yet 100 percent certain that the USA is behind the sabotage of the two Baltic Sea pipelines. But the evidence and the interests speak for it. Our colleague Jens Berger explained this conclusively here two days ago: ““The attacks on Nord Stream and the elephant in the room”. And now in the USA this has been said: Tucker Carlson: Biden admin “may have blown up” gas pipelines in Baltic Sea.

Are we actually aware of what that would mean? Our main ally, whom most Germans and official Germany in the realm of politics and in the media consider a friend, is destroying the transport route for our most important energy supply and with it an important foundation of the industrial activity in our country. And this out of transparent self-interest. To permanently weaken an industrial competitor in Europe. To attract industries from Germany to the USA, and to make another statement that the US claims to be the only world power.

We should be clear about what that means. It is the brutal termination of a friendship, at least the signal for it. And only the ignorant or those in the service of the US can ignore this signal.

German media act as if the USA had nothing to do with it. They insinuate that Russia was the culprit. What was in the Handelsblatt Morning Briefing this morning is typical:

“The origins of the gas leaks are still unknown, but many points to Moscow. The work of the Russian government now looks like gang crime. Nils Schmid, foreign policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, tells us:

Russia is now moving to hybrid warfare, this is a new dimension.”

In order to be able to insinuate that Russia was the culprit, a wonderful trick was used on Tuesday. Several media reported that the CIA had been warning of such attacks for a long time. If the American secret service warns of such an attack, then it can’t have been the United States, the embassy said. A great and primitive trick of manipulation.

We delude ourselves about our independence. The vast majority of politicians and media refuse to recognize that we are still a US vassal. And when you openly explain that, many people don’t want to admit it.

When it became known that the German Chancellor’s cell phone had been tapped by US secret services, there was a general shake of the head. Nothing was said about the fact that the German media and the German Chancellor had clearly complained about it.

On 28 October 2014 I wrote the article: “Some interesting documents on the colony status of Germany and Europe”. Many readers agreed with this assessment. Others protested harshly.

On 13 March 2015 I wrote the article “Death comes from America and the confirmation from the head of STRATFOR”. And I confirmed this observation with two other texts. Friedman, the head of STRATFOR, openly stated that the US must aim to prevent good cooperation between Germany and Russia.

Our problem really is the USA. But the politicians in office either remain silent about this problem or play it down. The explanation for this is also simple and obvious: politics, so-called science such as the “Foundation for Science and Politics” and our media are permeated by American agents of influence. And these quote and confirm each other. As previously demonstrated by the Handelsblatt which referred to the SPD MP Nils Schmid.

How did our foreign minister get into office – obviously with the help of Atlantic organizations such as the Davos World Economic Forum. Norbert Häring wrote about it and the support of Annalena Baerbock here:

Why Baerbock would be a highly competent successor to Merkel thanks to the World Economic Forum
04/20/2021 | The World Economic Forum, the club of the largest corporations, ensures that future political leaders like Annalena Baerbock are ready to take on responsibility. They receive appropriate training from the corporate lobby. The forum also took care of Angela Merkel at an early stage.

Anyone who thinks the statement that the media is permeated by agents of influence is exaggerated can watch the ZDF show Die Anstalt from 29 April 2014 again. The connections of individual journalists with Atlantic lobby organizations were visible and shown on a blackboard.

If you have any doubts about the fact that our media is largely controlled by foreign interests, then you really should watch this short 6 minutes and 14 seconds clip again.

And if you have any doubts about whether our “accountable” politicians in reality serve the US, then you should pay attention to the fact that our chancellor is silent on all of this. He is silent on the infiltration of political and scientific institutions. He is silent on the grotesque occurrence of the US Secretary of Defense/Secretary of War inviting to a conference on German soil as if Ramstein were US territory. Seen in the light, an unbelievable thing. But not a peep from the Chancellor and the Federal Government.

We are not free and our problem is the USA. The US also ensured that any mutual understanding between Germany and Russia is torpedoed. Millions of Germans will suffer as a result.

Albrecht Müller

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