Ukraine’s Rivne regional administration proposes to rename Russia “Muscovy”

Deputies of the Rivne Regional Council appealed to President Volodymyr Zelensky and the Verkhovna Rada to “restore historical justice” and instead of the name “Russian Federation” or “Russia” to use what they consider to be Russia’s true historical name – Muscovy. This is meant to be used at all levels (state, diplomatic, official and business, etc.). Russians too should be referred to exclusively as Muscovites.

According to the Ukrainian weekly newspaper Ukraina Moloda, the motion was approved by the deputies of the local regional council.

“We are convinced that the restoration of historical justice, the return of the northern neighbor to its true name will have a significant impact on socio-political processes in Ukraine, the development of the Ukrainian state,” – says a statement published by the Rivne Regional Council.

According to the text, the possible counterargument that the name “Muscovy” may not correspond to the international name of the state is refuted by the example of the official name of the Bundesrepublik Deutschland – which is generally known as the Federal Republic of Germany.

The initiator of the motion, Kondrachuk, noted that some historians consider the year of birth of the Moscow state to be 1169, but this has allegedly nothing to do with Russia’s cultural and political heritage.

“Muscovy began to cheat with political renaming after Pereyaslav in 1654, and continued after our defeat near Poltava in 1709. Then, in spite of no historical facts, she did not care, for no reason at all, simply proclaimed herself ‘Russia’, and therefore the heir to all the cultural and political heritage of the Rus”

“And to make our nation better understand what such a change means politically, the Muscovite called himself ‘Great Russian’ and the Ukrainian ‘Little Russian’. And this principle of ‘great’ and ‘little’ has become the essence of all Moscow-Ukrainian relations since then. When European governments, according to the old custom, addressed a letter to Muscovy, the Muscovites returned them with the remark that Muscovy ‘does not exist’, but there is only ‘Russia’.”

The document states that the Muscovite Asians became “Russian” and the Mongol Muscovy became “Russia.” As a proof, it claims that it is impossible to find any map of Europe or the world up to this period, where the territory of Muscovy would be called something else, in particular, Russia.

Earlier a similar motion had been submitted to the President and the Verkhovna Rada by deputies of the Lviv Regional Council, but there were not enough votes to make a decision.

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