Don’t think they won’t do the same to you

People infected with political hysteria become irreconcilable, stubborn enemies of their country, because directly or indirectly they begin to work for the triumph of the plans of the West, which, without hiding, removes competitors by economic, political methods, or even “color revolutions”. The Earth, it turns out, is small, if we talk about global markets, everything is divided and redistributed. To snatch something in this divided market, you need to destroy competitors, their allies and trading partners.

Not to see these stretching chains of causes and effects – for money or for the wonderful idea of ​​some unprecedented “freedom and justice” – really takes some doing. Moreover, the banners with these pompous, furious words are handed over to the high-minded fools precisely by the Western beneficiaries of the turmoil in their native beautiful-minded fools.

We constantly talk about this to people who have fallen under the influence of the white-red madness: look around, see for yourself, who gives you instructions, where they come from and what consequences await you if you continue to be stubborn in your attempts to “make a revolution” and “change everything”. The world of big politics and economics does not work according to these philistine concepts of “good-evil”, “justice-injustice”, “honesty-dishonesty”, “nobility-not nobility”. The people who make big politics and big money do not know these words.

These people use these emotionally charged words to manipulate beautiful-minded fools among their competitors, in their enemies and allies of their enemies: “You are incredible”, “fighters for freedom and democracy”, “terrible dictatorship and injustice need to be dismantled” and so on. And all for the sake of destroying, destroying, dismembering a resisting competing system with the hands of useful idiots and beautiful-minded fools inside the target country, without risking their troops, without risking reputational losses. Where money rules, there is no nobility or altruistic desire to “help those who suffer from the regime”. There is no such thing in nature.

The West and Western elites are a predator, an ugly chimera made up of intertwined political, aristocratic and mega-corporation clans. And they do not wish well for anyone but themselves.

I would seriously think about why they are handing the poster “FREEDOM, EQUALITY, BROTHERHOOD” to people they know and care very little of. Ask yourself: which of those countries who received such posters did the West do well? Iraq? Libya? Syria? Ukraine? Afghanistan?

Take a closer look at the countries where the West brought its “democracy”. Just look, analyze. And don’t think that you are so special that they won’t do the same to you. You yourself will do it.

Sergey Klimkovich, MINSK

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