People need order, not freedom

Sergey Klimkovich, Minsk

If you remove from the idea of the power the husk of words like “democracy”, “dictatorship”, “plutocracy” and expose its essence without political hues, parties and superstructures, what remains is the purest antithesis of anarchy, chaos and the “war of all against all”. Anarchy or “weak power” is the worst possible lot.

I said more than once that huge communities of people cannot live in conditions of “weak power” or anarchy, they cannot exist normally without a clear power structure capable of not only passing laws and giving orders, but also achieving their implementation. The masses are unable to live peacefully and quietly in the “hippie commune” regime.

What some people take for “freedom” is actually irresponsibility and licentiousness. Freedom in the state, as hippies, Peter Pans and beautiful souls want to see it, does not exist in nature.

Any state is a whole list of obligations, duties and debts. This is embodied civic responsibility to each other. In addition, the state is permeated with the power of some people over others. So it was from the birth of states and will end with the death of the last of the states.

Hippies, Peter Pans and beautiful souls need to accept this fact and adapt to live in “captivity”, or forever knock out of their heads the idea of some utopian ideals of “freedom” that will never be achieved among ordinary people.

Citizens from the majority of any state need order, hierarchy, accurate and efficient operation of all systems in the state, they need peace, predictability of the near future and security. Ask them if they want chaos, shooting in the streets, violence from fellow citizens? Ask if they want the loss of their usual comfort, the destruction of the usual utilities, transport links, shops and food outlets? Do they want irresponsible gangster anarchy and confusion? Most with indignation will say only one word – no.

But this is precisely what adventurers, criminals, and beautiful souls seek. Adventurers and criminals need chaos for a qualitative change in life, for catching profits in dark waters.

To beautiful souls, who have some kind of eternal fire burning in them, chaos seems the only way to “stir up the swamp”, to feel the nerve and “movement”. They naively believe that changing the signs on the administrative buildings will make their life in some fabulous way better, brighter and fairer. But these are only infantile illusions.

Anarchy, anarchy, lack of political will lead to only one predictable result – pogroms, arson, looting, violence so large-scale and varied that it turns out to be impossible to stop it by the forces of “self-organizing” citizens. No state deserves to descend into anarchy, because this would be tantamount to wishing death to the state itself and to many people.

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