If we want equality, it’s time to ban the sexist Women’s Day

What’s the point of having a Women’s Day in 2020? Ages ago, that is, as late as twenty years ago, men used to buy their beloved women flowers and write cliche verses praising all the unique and feminine qualities of their wives, fiancees, girlfriends, daughters and mothers on March 8 every year, in a sincere effort of kindness, gratitude and care. Luckily almost nobody engages in these abominous medieval rituals anymore. In our days, when social progress has almost reached its perfect and just completion, praising women for their feminine qualities would be seen as one of the gravest insults and could put a man in serious danger. So men, particularly in the West, where feminism has triumphed and has become the new unchallengeable dogma, have learned to just leave women alone to avoid causing a scene.

I just want to quote a very poignant example. When in a Facebook group I saw this post, I knew from the first lines this could not possibly end well, and not because I am genius, but because I have seen this so many times already:

“Appreciate the women in your lives always, because it is not easy to be a woman. Being a woman is priceless. Happy International women’s Day. Woman means:

benevolently wrote a young man from some Southern Asian country. The man’s benevolence looked utterly naive. And this is not the sort of naivety XXI century socially conscious online activists can leave unpunished.

“These posts, that are exactly the opposite of everything Women’s Day is about, will make me suffer all day… maybe I’ll just turn off Facebook for my own mental health”, wrote a user. “Nice. and the other, not-married adult women are not women? Because tomorrow is an international day of all women! Not just the married ones!”, wrote another. “Haha exactly! Or married to an idiot women” day, according what I just read.”, cheerfully replied a young woman.
“After remembering you are all beautiful or buying flowers, please take also a moment to reflect and educate yourself on gender equality and women’s rights, that’s what Women’s Day is really meant for”.
“Exactly! We don’t need flowers, we need equality” (By the way, are flowers and equality by definition mutually exclusive?)

And so on, and so on … this is the sort of discourse around that has become predominant in particular in the second decade of the XXI century, roughly around the time when children born after the end of the Cold War in 1991 came of age and social media became the default place where ideally to engage in a sort of protointellectual exchange of ideas and views.

I feel I can say without exaggerating much that around the year 2000 this kind of talk would have sounded totally absurd and unimaginable. It may come as a surprise to some, but feminism and the notion of equality of the sexes already existed in 2000: the only difference was that at the time feminism, or in particular the form of aggressive feminism that advocates for a complete reshaping of the whole of society in the fight against the primordial sin of patriarchy and oppression by men, was something of a fringe faith. Twenty years ago most women, and again to the surprise of many, the vast majority of men too, already believed in equality; but women still enjoyed being women and were not enraged when men regarded them as such. In today’s toxic culture of fanatical and absolute equalisation, calling a woman beautiful has become an offensive act.

One cannot naturally expect to be treated like a woman, if the greatest aspiration of women today has to be to become exactly like a man. In model progressive Western countries, like Germany for example, where gender equality is testified by low birth rates and the fact that many Germany women visually appear to have significantly higher testosterone levels than contemporary German men, a celebration like Women’s Day is simply ignored … and rightly so. Do women really want equality? Move to Germany or Denmark then. Stay assured that nobody will ever do such insulting things as giving your flowers or telling you a compliment. Do we really want equality? It’s about time to abolish Women’s Day then.

Stefano Di Lorenzo

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