Our 12 most important articles of 2019

Soon another year will have passed and like last year we are here to present our readers our most important articles of the year, in chronological order.

The endgame of Western policy is the dissolution of Russia

“I have no idea what the terms East and West mean”, interview with Prof. Peter Frankopan

“Coverage of the Maidan massacre by the media is gross misrepresentation”, says Prof. Ivan Katchanovski

How the West weaponizes human rights

Turkey was angered that the EU said no. It should celebrate instead

What to make of Zelensky’s victory in Ukraine

“There is no such thing as geopolitics in the West” and other delusions

The forty-year war between the United States and Iran

European Union or else war?

Want to stop climate change for real? Say good riddance to capitalism and globalization

When will Ukraine join NATO?

The Middleasternization of Germany


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