Our top 10 articles of 2017

2017 was a very formative year for “East & West”, rich in ideas and cooperations with new authors. We have gathered here the 10 best and most relevant articles that appeared on our page in 2017. The order is chronological.

The battle of the trolls (and no, they are not Russian), February 16

The West has entered its own Brezhnev era, February 18

Nationalism, freedom and populism, March 7


Do we live in a mediacracy?, March 25


Can the US Make Poland Great Again?, July 9


No, the future of Europe is not decided in Ukraine, 13 September


The Russian perspective on the Ukrainian crisis, 6 October

Money is Right: The US, Russia and the Wealth argument, November 20

Book review: Collusion by Luke Harding, December 8


The top 10 fake news of 2017, December 22


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