Economics History

Life in Communist times: was it so much poorer than now?

I did not grow up in a Communist country: to me life behind the Iron Curtain was the stuff of fairy tales happening in some mysterious and dark places

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History Ukraine

Russia is not Russia

Recently I found a story reported by Miquel Puertas, the brave Spanish independent blogger who has been living in Donetsk for more than three years now

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Geopolitics Russia Ukraine

The Russian perspective on the Ukrainian crisis. Did the West force Putin to play his hand?

Kremlinologists never miss an opportunity to feel complacent about their unparalleled expertise and their unvaluable wisdom

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Belarus Geopolitics

No, a Maidan in Belarus is not coming anytime soon – and that’s a good thing

In the world portrayed by the infallible Western globoliberal media, history has really ended, like in that old discredited book by Francis Fukuyama: all countries

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Geopolitics Ukraine

No, the future of Europe is not decided in Ukraine

For more than 3 years I have suffered from a bad case of déformation professionnelle. Having kept a close eye on Ukraine at least since the first Maidan in 2004 and visited the country regularly for the past ten years, I was under the impression that the future of the European Union

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The strangest country names in foreign languages

As much as I try, I can never correctly recall the Chinese name for China when I am trying to impress people: it sounds something like Jong-Guò and

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Geopolitics Poland

Can the US Make Poland Great Again?

It may come as a horrifying shock to many enlightened and progressive citizens of the Old Europe and in the US, but Donald Trump, already “the worst President in US history”

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The dangers of power: a plea for direct democracy

In the last few years a host of organisations such as 38 degrees, and Aavaz have sprung up with the intention of stimulating grass roots activism

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Books Culture

Book review: “The Age of Anger” by Pankaj Mishra

I will tell you straight away: for those like me who feel that the nineteenth century is unsurpassed

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Geopolitics History

Brzezinski and the history textbook

I have a little quirk: wherever I travel, I try to get a copy of a local history textbook. So the other day, I opened my copy of a Polish history

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Culture Politics

Modern liberals have nothing to do with leftists

That the old concepts of left and right do not make sense anymore, has been said a thousand times. Still, especially among commentators from the United States, the category “the Left”

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Geopolitics United States

Who is not afraid of Donald Trump? President Madman and the political use of fear

The America First policies that were espoused by Trump throughout his presidential campaign seem to have been cast into the streams of history

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Books Turkey

Russia and Turkey: Restless Partners? Interview with Russian expert Ivan Starodubtsev

Ivan Starodubtsev is a well-known Russian political scientist, businessman and expert on Turkey, and has lived and worked in this country for a long time. His name, as a specialist in Turkey, is often found on the pages of the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, and he is a regular guest on the program “From Two to […]

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Books Russia Turkey

Россия и Турция – беспокойные соседи? Интервью с Иваном Стародубцевым

Иван Стародубцев – известный политолог, бизнесмен и главный эксперт по Турции в России, долгое время живший и работавший в этой стране. Его имя, как специалиста по Турции, часто встречается на страницах газет «Московский комсомолец», звучит в эфирах передачи «От двух до пяти» на радиостанции «Вести ФМ» и на центральных телеканалах.

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Belarus Geopolitics

The lesson of Ukraine did not teach people anything at all

A few months back I wrote down my impressions from my latest trip to Belarus. The piece was titled “In Belarus a Maidan is only waiting to happen”

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Culture Journalism

Do we live in a mediacracy?

Power as generally understood is divided in the legislative, executive and judiciary branches. And then there is the press, which has been labeled the Fourth Estate

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Culture Germany History

Nietzsche and the rise of Germany

Nietzsche was born in 1844, the son of a Lutheran pastor, in a provincial town in Thuringia. In 1866 Prussia united the whole of Northern Germany and in 1871

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History Politics

Nationalism, freedom and populism

Русская версия здесь A few days ago, I proposed a little experiment to two young women, one from Poland and the other one from Belarus

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Balkans Geopolitics Politics

Serbia and the EU – a long journey to nowhere

The Serbian leadership wants to get Serbia in EU and they want it badly. This has been the main goal of every single goverment for the past 17 years

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The West has entered its own Brezhnev era

All across the world there has been an increasing rejection of the neoliberal order. In the UK we had Brexit, while the rise of Le Pen in France or Geert Wilders in Holland, not to mention Donald Trump

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