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East & West Books was launched as indepedent publisher in November 2017.


Latest book releases

“The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind”
Buy the book on Amazon here: e-book, pocket book, hardcover
Buy the book on Amazon here: e-book, pocket book, hardcover
“The East and the West: The World beyond the West”
Buy the book on Amazon here. e-book ; hardcover 

A collection of articles appeared over the past 5 years on East and West.

“The East and the West: The West and the World”, by East and Books.
Alexandr Baturinets
“Unbelievable adventures of Russians in Europe”
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“When Alexandr’s daughter invites him with his wife Katya to Germany, Alexandr thinks his naive dream of visiting Europe has finally come true. He starts daydreaming about travelling with a rented car all across Europe, seeing incredible places full of history and enjoys the feeling of anticipation, going from Berlin all the way down to Italy and France, passing through Prague and Vienna. But reality, as a famous Italian writer has written, is always more surprising than imagination …”

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“Battle for Ukraine: Ukraine between Russia and the West”
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Reading habits have changed a lot over the last decade and are probably going to be altered dramatically by the internet and the online publishing industry. Today some 28% of Americans read their books online.

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