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China Geopolitics

A New World: The End of the Western Dream?

The feeling of transition and transformation generally comes gradually more often than with a shocking revelation. The world may have changed at an unprecedented speed over the last couple of decades, but for most people it will take a while to depart from the habitual conceptions and internalize the notion that the world order today […]

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China’s New Silk Road: Part II – Nachdenkseiten

This article originally appeared on China is increasingly feared by the West as a competitor and portrayed as an undemocratic nation, a country in which a one-party dictatorship rules over everything and there is no freedom of expression. The Chinese government is accused of inconceivable human rights violations by shady organizations and “specialists”. The […]

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Russia United Kingdom United States

Russia says US Air Force strategic bombers have practised nuclear strikes on Russia

Europeans and Americans know almost in real time about every movement of foreign armies, yet they appear to be little informed about what kind of manoeuvres and exercises their own armies engage in. Over the past few weeks the Western reader has been warned every single day against an imminent Russia attack in Ukraine, a […]

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China’s New Silk Road – Part I – Nachdenkseiten

This article was originally published in German on China is massively expanding its trade routes around the world. China wants to invest a thousand billion euros, perhaps more, in the New Silk Road. The project encompasses a large number of infrastructure measures around the world. On one hand the routes for goods to and […]

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Caucasus General Politics Ukraine

The Georgian Revolution of 2003: what happened since then?

18 years ago, on 22 November 2003, a crowd of agitated Georgians led by the then little-known Mikheil Saakashvili burst into the building of the National Parliament with roses in their hands. The ceremonial first meeting of the new parliament was being held there. At that moment, Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze was making the opening […]

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Opinion Ukraine

How many years must pass for us to learn the truth about the Maidan?

This will not happen until society is ready, at least emotionally. As you know, revolutions like to feast on their enemies for breakfast, dine with fellow travelers, and prefer their creators for dinner. The only difference is the length of the break between meals. History is outrageously cyclical and cynical. Now, as well as eight […]

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Russia Ukraine

Is Russia going to invade Ukraine – yet again?

This article is based on a text published by the Ukrainian news resource Finally, Ukraine too has officially joined the Western narrative that Russia is preparing for an imminent invasion – yet again. Just a couple of weeks ago “the gathering of Russian troops on the border” was denied, even dismissed the Kremlin’s disinformation, […]

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Geopolitics Journalism Russia

“You should heat your house with your newspaper”: Maria Zakharova replies to Italian journalist Maurizio Molinari

This text was originally published on the webpage of the Russian Embassy in Italy. Of course, some will feel that they can dismiss the text outright for the simple fact that it originates from a Russian State institution. The text, however, methodically deals with a number of the cliches and tropes constantly recurring in Western […]

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Belarus Geopolitics Opinion Poland United States

On the way to doom. The danger of war grows day by day. By Wolfgang Bittner

This article first appeared on On the borders of Belarus, as it has been for some time in eastern Ukraine, the fuse is burning for a great war that would mean the end of Europe. Poland and the Baltic states, which, as compliant vassals of the USA, are constantly agitating against their eastern neighbors, […]

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Russia Turkey

Nothing personal: does Turkey want to break up Russia?

This article was originally published by MNews. At the end of last week, the day after the adoption of the declaration “Vision of the Turkic World until 2040” at the Istanbul summit, a “Map of the Turkish World” appeared in Turkey. It was not President Erdogan who was photographed with it, but the leader of […]

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Belarus Opinion Poland

Bad inhumane walls, good democratic and free walls

One year ago, the entire civilized world breathed a sign of relief when Donald Trump, the Wall Man, was removed from office. Donald Trump was a racist monster, unsympathetic to the plight of refugees and migrants trying to desperately make it into the US and to find safe haven there. Donald Trump’s bigot opposition to […]

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Belarus Poland

Poland, Europe claim to see Russian hand behind new migration crisis

For the past few weeks, Polish television has spoken about little else: the immigration crisis, with thousands of asylum seekers from the Middle East trying to make their way to the EU through Poland, has dominated the news, obscuring even the pandemic. Polish media has been consistent in invariably blaming the Belarusian government and President […]

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New book: “The East and the West”, by East and West Books

East and West Books has just released a new book. It is a collection of articles on the East, the West and the Rest that were published on the online publication East and West and the newspaper East & West / Восток и запад between 2016 and 2021. WITH AN EXCLUSIVE AFTERWORD. You can buy […]

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Is East and West Russian propaganda?

Some of the people who have come across East and West articles may have quickly concluded that our own website must be part of that wide infamous disinformation effort backed and organized by the Kremlin, the most powerful disinformation machine in the world, against which we have been warned for the past few years. After […]

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Opinion Politics

Diego Fusaro: Against the G20, a gathering of soulless oligarchs

This post was originally published on Diego Fusaro’s Facebook page. Allow me some rhapsodic reflections on the G20 in Rome. Starting from the very essence of the G20, a periodic meeting with which the cosmopolitan bosses and their government butlers meet in different locations from time to time to take stock of their agenda and […]

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History Russia Ukraine

Did Russia steal Ukraine’s history?

Can a country steal another country’s history? Did Russia unrightfully claim for herself the inheritance of the old Rus, a polity that was by and large destroyed by the Mongol invasions of the XIII century? Is Ukraine the real Rus? Is Russia a historical impostor? This issue has not been much discussed in the Europe […]

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Europe Poland

Poland is not going to leave the EU, but the EU is at yet another crisis point

Relations between Poland and the EU have been tense since at least 2015, when the Polish conservative party “Prawo i Sprawiedliwosc” (“Law and Justice”) won the elections after a 8-year rule by the pro-European “Citizen platform”. These relations took another turn for the worse when a few weeks ago the Polish Constitutional Court deemed some […]

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Geopolitics Poland Politics Russia

Gas prices rise across the world, but some try to blame Putin for it

Gas prices have skyrocketed in the past few weeks, with the price of some gas stocks having risen almost eightfold since the start of the year. Most experts explain this with a rise in demand, particularly in Asia, with economies recovering after the pandemic shock of 2020 and competing markets pushing the prices up. Some, […]

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The true meaning of Ukrainian independence

This year Ukraine proudly celebrated 30 years of independence. As a round number, this anniversary invites to a deeper understanding of Ukrainian independence and contemporary identity. “We need to get rid of the Cyrillic alphabet”, recently said Oleksiy Danilov, the Ukrainian Secretary of the Security Council, in an interview with US funded Radio Svoboda. This […]

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Will Ukraine switch to the Latin alphabet?

This article in based on a piece published by Ukraine needs to switch to the Latin alphabet, said the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Alexei Danilov, in an interview with US funded Radio Svoboda. This is not the first time the topic of the Latin alphabet has been raised […]

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