What is Tantra?

Tantric sex is a spiritual practice that originates from ancient India. It is a part of the larger Tantric tradition, which encompasses a range of practices aimed at achieving spiritual enlightenment and liberation.

The origins of Tantra are difficult to pinpoint, as the tradition has evolved and changed over thousands of years. Some scholars believe that Tantra emerged around the 5th century CE in the wake of the decline of traditional Hinduism and the rise of Buddhism in India. Others suggest that Tantra has roots in the Vedic tradition, which dates back to ancient India.

In its earliest forms, Tantra was a highly esoteric and secret tradition that was only passed down from teacher to student through direct initiation. It was associated with a number of practices, including meditation, ritual, and the use of mantras and mudras (hand gestures).

Tantric sex, specifically, is a practice that emerged within the broader Tantric tradition. It involves using sexual energy as a way to achieve spiritual awakening and transcendence. This involves a range of techniques and practices, such as breathing exercises, meditation, and a focus on the present moment.

Today, Tantric sex is practiced in many different parts of the world and has evolved to include a range of approaches and techniques. While it is still deeply rooted in the spiritual and philosophical traditions of ancient India, it has also been adapted to modern contexts and is often used as a way to enhance intimacy and sexual pleasure in relationships.

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