How many years must pass for us to learn the truth about the Maidan?

This will not happen until society is ready, at least emotionally.

As you know, revolutions like to feast on their enemies for breakfast, dine with fellow travelers, and prefer their creators for dinner. The only difference is the length of the break between meals.

History is outrageously cyclical and cynical. Now, as well as eight years ago, it is clear that no one will prove his case to anyone. Such events are elevated into a cult and the corresponding worship is imposed – monuments, reverence, the only correct point of view and projection of consideration. And you decide not to believe and criticize – may you be sent to the bonfire, or ok at least ​​to prison.

We learned about the complete history of the 1917 revolution almost 80 years later. How long will we know all the details of what happened in Kiev 8 years ago – time will tell. When the main body of facts begins to free itself from the burden of the shackles of its holders and guards – the main characters of that time. After all, skeletons in closets can live for a long time, but not forever. Especially in the modern information world.

Both the Rostov fugitives and Kiev scoundrels will sooner or later lose control over the truth. All wiretaps, surveillance, documents, meetings, conditions, cash, games big and small – all these detail, as a rule, do not disappear without a trace. So far, incriminating evidence is used partly as a shield to protect business and integrity. But that too will pass. A lot will come out. And then, most likely, those who believed in the dogmas of the revolutionary infallibility of ordinary mortals will face the same fate as today’s unfortunate old people who sincerely believed in the ideals of Leninism decades ago and do not understand why their memory and values ​​were treated so badly.

The real inventory of the events of eight years ago will begin when we, a polarized society, are ready for this, at least emotionally. Perceive facts without loss of human appearance. When Dostoevsky’s maxim “you are not an evil person, but a distorted one” will be understandable without additional explanation.

Yuriy Molchanov

This article was originally published here.

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