On the way to doom. The danger of war grows day by day. By Wolfgang Bittner

This article first appeared on Nachdenkseiten.de

On the borders of Belarus, as it has been for some time in eastern Ukraine, the fuse is burning for a great war that would mean the end of Europe. Poland and the Baltic states, which, as compliant vassals of the USA, are constantly agitating against their eastern neighbors, should never have been accepted into NATO. Their government representatives have been pounding against Russia for years and spreading rumors of an attack, although Russia is on the defensive and has been trying to be peaceful neighbors for decades. [1] In vain, the pressure from the USA is overwhelming.

Mikhail Gorbachev had already wanted to prevent such a development in 1990 when he had the then US President George Bush and his Foreign Minister James Baker give him an assurance that NATO would not expand beyond the Oder. This is proven by the protocols, [2] even if it is denied by the US bellicists and their European adepts.

The US is unwaveringly pursuing its unipolar long-term strategy. Russia should subordinate itself to the western alliance and its capital interests. Otherwise it should be sanctioned to the point of exhaustion or, if the opportunity arises, overrun with war. Regardless of the facts that speak for themselves, anyone who illustrates this will be branded, defamed, or eliminated in one way or another as conspiracy theorists, Kremlin propagandists, or anti-American.

After Ukraine has been systematically destabilized and taken into the western camp, Belarus is now set to follow. Even if the vast majority of Belarusians are more or less satisfied with their socialist government. Let’s move over to the unfortunate Ukraine, a failed state under the tutelage of the USA. But everything that appears even remotely socialist must be destroyed in accordance with US state doctrine, whereby so-called collateral damage is irrelevant.

It must be taken into account that many people in Eastern Europe envision what is called Western democracy or community of values ​​as an ideal, but in reality it is a highly dangerous, highly criminal association, led by a world power that sees itself as the only indispensable, exceptional nation (“indispensable” and “exceptional”). The desirable goal is – besides personal advantages – the American way of life, which has always consisted of generating prosperity at the expense of others and individual freedom through wealth. This is why there is intrigue, lies and murder.

Suddenly 4,000 migrants are “a weapon” if they want to come to Western Europe via Belarus, according to EU politicians, especially from Poland and Germany. [3] But not the hundreds of thousands for whom Angela Merkel opened the borders in 2015. The Belarusian President Lukashenko is accused, with much of a proof, of forcibly driving air travelers from Turkey to the Polish border in order to damage the European Union. And when the Belarusian and Russian military mobilize after Polish and Lithuanian troop units have been drawn to the borders, it is supposedly a provocation and a threat to European security, something which NATO has to deal with. This is extremely dangerous!

The German government is at service of this power, first and foremost Chancellor Angela Merkel, as was made abundantly clear again recently in the campaign against Belarus [4], but also in the affair over the double spy Skripal and the agent of influence Navalny. People are outraged, suing for human rights which they are disregarding themselves, and in reality pushing for a policy of aggression against Russia. Only gradually does it become known to the public that a large part of the leading Western European politicians are controlled from Washington and that the leading Western media represent the interests of the USA.

If you open the newspaper, turn on the television or radio, you will almost exclusively find out what fits into this concept. Everything else is kept secret or reinterpreted, there are smear campaigns, lies and provocations. Who knows that there are more than one hundred well-funded organizations in Germany that influence politics and the media in the interests of the USA? [5] Or that “Young Leader” programs and seminars for “global Executives” take place in which up-and-coming politicians and journalists from other countries, including Germany, are trained in line with US policies?

Examples are Arsenij Jazenjuk, Dalia Grybauskaite, Alexej Navalny, Micheil Saakaschwili or Juan Gaidó, to name just a few names from this army of agents. The opposition leader  Svetlana Tichanowskaja, built up as the Belarusian “interim president”, is also an influencing agent, who is supposed to bring about regime change – if no other solution can be found. For this, especially in Poland and the Baltic States, bellicose Atlanticists are vigorously beating the war drum.

The writer and publicist Dr. jur. Wolfgang Bittner lives in Göttingen. In March, he published the book “Germany – betrayed and sold. Background and Analysis”.

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