Diego Fusaro: Against the G20, a gathering of soulless oligarchs

This post was originally published on Diego Fusaro’s Facebook page.

Allow me some rhapsodic reflections on the G20 in Rome. Starting from the very essence of the G20, a periodic meeting with which the cosmopolitan bosses and their government butlers meet in different locations from time to time to take stock of their agenda and their class interests. It is proof of how the neoliberal nation state does not govern the markets, but for the markets, appearing as the business committee of the landowning classes.

All this, ça va sans dire, behind closed doors and without any possibility for the dascamisados ​​of globalization to intervene (or even just listen directly) in the decisions that the oligarchs of the capitalist plutocracy always take to the detriment of workers and middle classes. In short, a periodic gathering of the dominants and for the dominants, who do not tolerate popular participation and even less any disputes, G8 mode of Genoa, an example of the barbaric deaf violence of power. Here I just want to point out two aspects, among the many possible ones.

First of all, the rainbow elder Joe Biden shows up at the G20 in Rome escorted by a procession of 85 cars: and he preaches to you, of course, about how retrograde you are when you go to work on your FIAT Panda, polluting the environment.

The second point is: Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Putin were absent or, rather, they were connected in a “weak” form, at a distance, to openly underline their distance from Atlanticist-driven capitalist globalization. As I have repeatedly clarified, it is to be hoped that China and Russia will become poles of aggregation and the creation of a bloc of states not aligned with Washington’s globalization which, in view of a desirable multipolarity, oppose the imperialism connected to it. Globalism is Americanism and is the contemporary form of the imperialism of markets.

Diego Fusaro

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