A president should be judged by his actions, not his politeness

This is truly pathetic. The news media is calling President Trump “Indecent” for not accepting the election result – and “rude” for being mean on Twitter. The media’s definition of a “good” and “decent” President is a polished politician who says nice and polite words on tv and Twitter – but they have no problems if that same president bombs the heck out of a foreign country like Iraq, Syria or Libya.

The media goons think it is acceptable for a president to carpet bomb a village of innocent women and children, as long as he is “presidential” and polite in his behaviour. This is their twisted definition of decency: “I like my president to say nice words on Twitter while he sells weapons to foreign nations and sends our innocent soldiers to a pointless war”.

I am no fan of Trump or Biden. I realise they are both flawed characters. But at least Trump established good relations with North Korea (the best action of his presidency) and at least he avoided a war with Iran. We need to judge a president by his actions – not just the quality of his words.

Alessio Rastani

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