Elections are nothing but entertainment

There are no elections in this world. There is a political entertainment show for the plebeians, on the one hand, and on the other, the elites who really have the power to make decisions behind the scenes of this show, bound by centuries of traditions, internal agreements and clan solidarity. At the same time, the show “elections” has nothing to do with power, and power has nothing to do with these elections.

Not to understand this and to take “elections” at face value means to be trappend in infantile delusions, blinded by naive ignorance, it means to stubbornly deny a reality, that is emerging literally from every informational glitch.

Nobody chooses the ruling elites in this world. They have existed since the birth of states in Europe, hiding now behind the reinforced concrete framework of the propaganda of “democracy”, “freedom” and “human rights”.

I repeat, “elections” exist ONLY to create they illusion among the plebeians that they can influence something and take decisions through their elected representatives. This is because the mass of the plebeians is always greater than the elites, and it is important to keep it in check with illusions and elusively fruitless hopes.

In addition, the “election” show is a familiar and rather amusing entertainment tradition, like bullfighting in Spain. For this show, “players”, “actors”, “matadors” have long been trained – political clans fed by the real elites who have made politics and participation in elections a profitable and respectable family business.

“Elections” NEVER change ANYTHING in this world. NEVER and NOTHING. Therefore, the electoral plebeians believing in “democratic elections” each time has a feeling of global deception, burning annoyance and powerlessness in front of the consequences that arise from decisions made through the “elected” government.

Plebeians clearly DO NOT UNDERSTAND why all “popular desires” are swept aside, ignored, and that which is beneficial to the elites is immediately fulfilled. And since faith in “democratic elections” does not dry up, the plebeians again go to the polls and again take part in the show, hoping that this time everything will work out. “Elections” are that magic carrot that the plebeians are running after, not looking around, not wanting to find out who is holding the carrot in front of their nose and who really controls all political processes.

Sergey Klimkovich, MINSK

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