“We are preparing for a full-scale military confrontation with Russia”, says Ukrainian Navy commander

Ukraine is preparing to a Russian invasion from the South, the commander of the Ukrainian Navy, Aleksey Neizhpapa, has said. He added that the Neptune missile system, which the Ukrainian Army possesses, could shoot from mainland Ukraine at targets in the region of Sevastopol in Crimea.

“We are preparing for a full-scale military confrontation, realizing that if this happens, then, unfortunately, there will be many losses – both our soldiers and the civilian population. Many people do not understand this now, although the country has been fighting for seven years”, he said.

“We are getting ready. I can’t tell everything, but here’s a small fact. The range of the Neptune missile system allows it to be used from mainland Ukraine up to Sevastopol. We’ll see there… As soon as we understand that the [North Crimean] canal will begin to be restored in Crimea, the financial resources of the Russian empire will flow into it (yes, I call them that: it’s an empire with a dictator at the head), this will be a sure signal that the Russian Federation is preparing for a full-scale confrontation. And then we will have to answer the challenges”, said Neijpapa.

Earlier other Ukrainian officials and a former US general had expressed worries about the possibility of a Russian full-scale invasion in order to secure fresh water supplies for Crimea. Ukraine says it has already been fighting a war with Russia in the Donbass since 2014.

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