Will coronavirus revive global liberalism or put an end to it? – Myśl Polska

This article first appeared on Myśl Polska.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the face of the modern world in the basic spheres of human existence. He revealed above all the destructive nature of global political and economic-economic processes based on liberalism – not only at the societal level, but also in the individual space of the average person.

At the same time, it revealed the nothingness of civilization shaped by global liberalism. Not only the health care system or social policy important for fighting a pandemic depends on its vectors, but also the education system that does not withstand pandemic restrictions, or the way citizens communicate about the activities of power. The latter – oscillating between persuasion and propaganda and manipulation – is now becoming an emphatic testimony of post-Christianity and post-humanism as a determinant of liberal civilization.

Communication – not only political, but also social and cultural – combines truth and posttruth in presenting a pandemic, becoming in the hands of globalists an ideal tool for creating chaos. Their political and economic power, which until now was ensured by free market rules and its invisible hand fetish, was weakened. The pandemic knocked them off the pedestal of global liberalism, threatening to take power away from its ideologists. Globalists, however, do not want to lose it and immediately used a behavior proven in totalitarian systems – management of fear instigated in people by global and local political institutions and media dependent on digital megacorporations, symbolized by the abbreviation GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon).

Observing the ways of fighting pandemics implemented by individual countries, it can be stated that leading world organizations – WHO, WTO, UN – are not so much fighting the pandemic as they are managing it, increasing the fear of whole societies desired by globalists. However, fear alone is not profitable. That is why it was associated with the promise of a vaccine that will provide it not only to pharmaceutical concerns, but also to others associated with them. That’s why pandemic propaganda says that the COVID-19 virus will last as long as there is no vaccine. This would mean that vaccinations against him would cover the whole world, because only then would the liberal profit paradigm triumph.

The European Union behaves in the same way as WHO, WTO and the UN, although it does not deal directly with the intensification of pandemic fear. It focused not on combating coronavirus, but on joint finances and the mechanism of their distribution. As a result of its politics indifferent to the pandemic, nation-states were reborn in Europe. It turned out that during the plague its citizens could count not on the Lisbon Treaty and Brussels, but only on their own countries. Coronavirus also revealed the true face of each of them – above all, what they serve: their communities or foreign corporations. It unmasked the misery of the healthcare system, built in close correlation with the liberal economic and economic system. It also showed incompetence and inefficiency of authorities in many sectors of public life.

Manipulating the truth about a pandemic has spawned a number of conspiracy theories that claim the coronavirus was cultivated in scientific laboratories. Here the fundamental question arises: whose? The mutual accusations of the USA and China are significant in this respect. If speculation about the laboratory origin of the coronavirus were true, we would be dealing with a liberal paradigm of profit in science, implemented to depopulate the world. Regardless of the truth or falseness of these theories, it must be stated that science cut off from ethics and negating the metaphysical dimension of human existence has reached its apogee in the liberal system.

In this system, the kind of science obtained more and more genetic “achievements”, manipulating – at the demand of gender ideologists – the code of human existence. People from laboratories have long dreamed of the role of gods creating a new man. The coronavirus-induced pandemic has shown that the omnipotence of unethical and anti-metaphysical science born of their pride is an illusion, a spider construction. The virus, invisible to the naked eye, blew it away, causing the “butterfly effect”. The most effective vaccine in the fight against pandemics, however, was not the vaccine expected by the world, but quarantine – known to mankind since biblical times and tested in the Middle Ages. Not the profit paradigm, but the heroism of medical services and the dedication of volunteers.

A world without defenses

The world, armed with laboratories and armies of the greatest powers, proved defenseless against the virus, which was negligible in the hierarchy of existence. The strength of this world is apparent, puffed up with pride, which has been spectacularly punished … Is it long? Many people – not just scholars or politicians and billionaires – still dream of divine status. This dream is dangerous because it breeds new utopias, proclaiming the change of political and socio-economic systems into a new order of existence.

Humiliated pride is like a hydra’s head – it is still luring. Not only in the sphere of science and politics, but also the arms race related to them, which revealed its senselessness during a pandemic. It also has the Polish version. COVID – 19 verified the desirability of increasing expenditure on armaments within NATO to 2% of GDP. If our country’s defense system were independent of the US plans and the alliance it manages, no virus would undermine its strengthening. Meanwhile, the example of Poland has entered history, a country that means nothing militarily, but nonetheless has become the leader of the NATO arms race. Poland became addicted to the American dictate and focused not on thoughtful purchases for her army, but on NATO propaganda and preparations for the war with Russia.

The five years of Andrzej Duda’s presidency and the five years of PiS rule have brought NATO’s reinforcement expenditures, as well as the eastern flank of NATO, American bases in Poland and the American anti-missile shield the only transatlantic dogmas against which one has to measure Polish patriotism. Whoever denies these dogmas is thrown by the Atlanticists to the margins of political life and denounced as a traitor. Although during the pandemic NATO proved to be useless – like the European Union – there is no indication that Poland’s belief in these dogmas has been shaken.

The pandemic continues, and yet no politician has the courage to ask the Polish authorities a question about the operation of the alliance for civilians during the pandemic and the actions of its existing Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Center. Just like nobody asked about NATO Defender 2020 maneuvers planned for spring this year in Poland. Evidently, belief in transatlantic dogmas and fear of them are powerful – greater than before the coronavirus.

Metaphysical and religious interpretation prohibited

Liberalism does not fight directly with the metaphysical and religious interpretation of a pandemic, but does not accept it as credible. It leaves the fight against it related to ideologies – political correctness, genderism and environmentalism. They are all anti-metaphysical and anti-Christian. They all reject such an interpretation in which the coronavirus fell to the world like a biblical fire from heaven to Sodom and Gomorrah, being a sign of God’s anger because of the persistent persistence of many people in sins contrary to our nature. This interpretation is rejected above all by apologists of atheistic anthropocentrism, who take the hypothesis of Ivan Karamazov from the novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky as dogma: if God is not there, everything is allowed. They include apologists for anti-Christian ideologies. The metaphysical and religious interpretation in terms of sin and punishment for it is also denied by “progressive” Christians – not only the so-called seculars, but also by the clergy at various levels – enslaved by political correctness, which forbids them to speak of hell and any other punishment for sin.

However, the same progressives talk about the revenge of nature on a man who committed ecological sin by destroying its harmony. And they call for him to renounce this sin. The pagan admiration for the “wisdom” of nature, which apparently distinguishes evil from good and is able to punish the first and reward the second, is significant. There is room for punishment in the political correctness of “progressive” Christians, but it cannot be a divine punishment. God is denied the role of the Father, who through punishment leads man to metanoia – a transformation that will stop him being trapped in sin. And not only contemporary philosophy does not comes to the rescue, but also all other human sciences – all humanities whose constant data is of anti-metaphysical and anti-Christian orientation.

Will the profit paradigm become a goal and a sense again?

The liberal paradigm of profit beyond ethical values ​​- like the accompanying culture of consumerism – has been discredited earlier as an instrument that increases the wealth of the few, adding to the misery of the inhumanly used majority. The thesis about the cheap labor force is a truism, which is constantly cited in the language of liberalism, in search of which both corporations and small companies within the free market economy moved their production to Asia or Africa, where even child labor is used.

Another such truism is the conquest of areas rich in natural deposits by globalists – by way of state coups and color revolutions and permanent war. An equally shameful way of making a profit under a liberal paradigm are economic sanctions that have plunged entire countries into misery, transforming competition in a free-market struggle into a liberal shark. This paradigm excludes not only verification of profit through ethical criteria, but also the concept of the common good and cooperation based on them. It also excludes peaceful co-existence, discredited by liberal globalists, which – based on the principle of justice – is a guarantee of achieving the common good. Peace and the common good are beyond the profit paradigm. The absolute profit is guaranteed by wars.

COVID-19 has only confirmed the negative nature of the world’s orientation towards liberal profit. In the space of individual countries and societies, as well as individual people, the invisible hand of the market has suddenly disappeared, which does not foresee border situations, in which the vision of profit disappears and the specter of death is drawn. In such situations, it suddenly turns out that you need a state that takes responsibility for society and the fight against a pandemic. So we will be billed for the effects of this fight. Will we then forget about the experience of a pandemic and, as part of a return to normalcy, restore the dominance of the profit paradigm, or will we keep from the liberalism program only what serves the common good and peace as its guarantor? We will choose the paths of the future.

Anna Raźny

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