German lawyer who protested CoViD-19 quarantine in psychiatric hospital

Beate Bahner, a German lawyer from the city of Heidelberg who had filed a lawsuit to the German supreme court against the quarantine measures imposed by the German government to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, has been sectioned in a psychiatric hospital since Sunday, German media reports.

Beate Bahner is a lawyer specialized in medical law. Besides filing a lawsuit to the German supreme court, Ms Bahner had called for demonstrations against the closure of shops, restaurants and other activities. Her lawsuit was rejected by the German supreme on Friday. On Sunday night, Ms Bahner was arrested by the police.

“She gave the impression of being very confused”, said the police. Ms Bahner, according to one version, had called the police herself at first because she was feeling followed. In a voice message she recorded from the hospital, Ms Bahner claimed she had been beaten by the police. A police spokesman declared that the police decided that Ms Bahner needed medical help because of her erratic behaviour while resisting arrest.

According to Ms Bahner, the preventive measures introduced to slow the spread of the coronavirus were against “the preservation of the rule of law, the preservation of fundamental and human rights and the preservation of the free and democratic basic order of the Federal Republic of Germany”. She argued that the infection is harmless for 95 percent of the population.

“I am really horrified and do not want to reproach myself for not acting as a lawyer and for not defending the rule of law with all the means at my disposal!”, she said in a statement.

In a message from the hospital, where she is still under medical supervision, Ms Bahner denounced the German, “dark forces” and the Heidelberg police. She claimed a doctor kept her waiting 10 minutes because of her waiting for instructions “from all the way high above – or from the USA”.

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