Diego Fusaro: “The European Union remains the main enemy of Italy”

The open society is coming to an end these days with the lockdown: the fuchsia-rainbows brigade of the “Bella Ciao” suddenly became a lover of drones and the army, mobile phone traceability and “law and order”. We would be laughing if we weren’t crying.

Meanwhile, Albania has given its splendid lesson of dignity and solidarity to the European Union. The Albanian President did so by speaking in Italian, respecting Italy in the most intelligent way: the cultural one.

And while Albania generously brings us its support, the European Union remains the main enemy of Italy and the European peoples. Germany officially communicated it with ruthless cynicism: “Italy and Spain use the Mes if they are in difficulty”. It is the solidarity of the torturer, the fraternity of the soulless usurer.

Meanwhile in Italy the situation is tragic. Until yesterday the standard-bearers of the European Union were our friends, today they have become hawks. We witness the tenacious faith of inveterate euro-addicts like Zingaretti and Gualtieri. And we are witnessing the tele-prayers of Salvini and Barbara D’Urso.

As if this were not enough, the media circus uses its favorite strategy: mass distraction. Instead of pointing the finger at the EU and Germany, they divert the attention to Hungary. “Parliament gives Premier Orban full powers”: it’s shameful, it’s true. However, they do not say that it is almost as shameful as that country in which the Prime Minister takes full powers without even asking them to parliament.

Meanwhile, in general silence, a sort of globalist therapeutic state is being established, as Paolo Borgognone has called it. The pandemic situation can also be for the future an excellent method of government with which to make citizens give up everything in order to survive.

Diego Fusaro

Diego Fusaro is an Italian philosopher and writer.

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