Our top 10 articles of 2018

2018 was another exciting year for “East and West”. The culmination was without doubt the beginning of the publication of the Russian version of “East and West” in printed form, even if with a rather limited circulation – but that’s at least a start. You can find all the printed issues in .pdf format in our archive here.

Speaking of our other achievements of 2018, we have gathered for you a selection of our best articles of the past year.

1. Where is the Russian army in Ukraine?

Ukraine and the United States have tried hard to frame the Donbass conflict as a war between Russia and Ukraine. But we is really fighting in the Donbass?


2. Europe holds the keys to peace but is unable of unlocking the door

Why, if Europe is so strong and united, does it continue to be subservient to the interests of the United States?


3. Are IMF loans helping Ukraine?

The Western vector Ukraine took in 2014 translated into an “expanded program of cooperation” with the International Monetary Fund. Is this a good thing for Ukraine?


4. Interview with Dominic Basulto

Freelance journalist Dominic Basulto wrote a book on the demonization of Russia. Of course we wanted to talk to him and we did.


5. Are people in the West even more brainwashed than North Koreans?

Everybody knows that people in North Korea live in a rather insulated reality, but are Western citizens actually, with their unshakeable certainty about the exceptionalism and universalism of the West, more brainwashed than North Koreans?


6. Letter to the friends who love the EU

Is the EU more important than the people?


7. War with Russia is at the root of contemporary Ukrainian identity


8. Confessions of a Kremlin troll

Did Russia make Trump win in 2016 with Facebook? Here is the story of a “Kremlin troll”


9. Is EU vs Disinformation just NATO propaganda?

In the aftermath of the fake news tsunami, the EU decided it needed to help internet users to distinguish “truth” from Russian disinformation. How it is performing in this regard?


10. 5 years after the Maidan

Did the popular Maidan revolution in Ukraine fulfil the promises and expectation of a European future for Ukraine? Is it too ready to say? Let’s take a look at what happened since the revolution started five long years ago


Stay with us for another equally (and hopefully even more exciting) 2019!

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