The liberal world – tales from utopia

It feels so good to be a liberal. I don’t doubt that most people, if they had a choice, would prefer to live in a liberal world. A liberal is, by definition, on the right side of history and has universal justice on his side. To tell it all, until recently I thought I was a liberal too. It turned out however that I have unwittingly committed so many thought crimes over the last couple of months that my reputation among the liberal community has been tarnished forever.

Nobody wants to deny the historical merits of liberalism here. Liberalism freed humanity from the chains of feudalism and ushered in the modern era. But in the postmodern world, radical liberalism seems to have become a radical philosophy that has lost its original purpose. In the feudal world, when the destinies of millions of people were bound by birth and by the eternal laws of class divisions justified by a rigid religious ideology, it could make sense to value freedom as the core principle which could make a man a Man with dignity. These days however liberalism seems to have become a neophyte radical ideology founded on the rejection of tradition, of any tradition. The lesson of radical liberalism is that thousands of years of history have shown us that humanity has been governed by tyranny and oppression, against the poor, against women, against whoever was not in power, so that tradition must be wrong and everything coming from the past must be wrong. It is curious, because often these feelings of “rejection of tradition” coexist in the minds of many radical liberals with the notion of cultural decline and that “people are idiots” (except them, of course). They may call themselves whatever they want, but liberalism has stopped to be liberal a long time ago because it does not presuppose dissent. In the liberal futuristic utopia, everybody is free but, most importantly, everybody is equal, which means that everybody thinks the same. The whole tolerance of the radical liberal which passes as openness to somebody’s else opinion is just another “I do not give a fuck about what you think because you are an idiot”. The liberal Gospel has long become a totalitarian ideology. A liberal, by definition, has to despise those who not get with him.

In the liberal world people in the West, everybody in the West, enjoys levels of freedom and prosperity never seen before in history. In the liberal world, suffering is always unjust. In the liberal world, there is no crime but only misguided people. In the liberal world, the rich are rich because of some exceptional merit and the poor are poor because they have been unlucky. Maybe it is really like this. Or maybe not. Radical liberals appear to take many things for granted. Their picture of the world has become increasingly simple, everything and everyone is black or white, either you are a liberal, a progressive, a wonderfully enlightened person or you are a deplorable troglodyte. The unwillingness of many liberals to engage in dialogue with those who disagree with them, because they have only contempt for those who disagree with them, does not make a big show of the proverbial tolerance that they never tire to champion. A liberal is somebody who cannot “keep calm” and whose core feeling is disgust and outrage at those who do not agree with him. It is safe to say that most Millennials are radical liberals, who react excessively emotionally when encountering attitudes they do not want to understand. For many young liberals the main core of their “life philosophy” of idolized freedom seems to be nothing more than a “I can do whatever I want” without caring about anything. And freedom seems to have become nothing more than brushing your hair in unnatural colours and covering your body in tattoos, because, let’s be frank, these twenty-something do not seem to have much to offer in terms in independence of thought.

The radical liberal assumptions about human nature and what is considered to be normal behaviour are based on the Western way of life, which developed and spread over the last 30-40 years and now has become the measure of everything. It does not matter that the West constitutes a very small part of the world population and that 40 years mean almost nothing from the perspective of history. The radical liberal looks at the bright prosperous future with no rules other than the rule of one’s own wishes. The radical liberal expects from the future unlimited happiness and satisfaction potential. That’s why in the present liberals can mostly just whine.

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