Former CIA agent in Donetsk: “MH17 was not downed by a BUK”

East&West: Mister Simpson, how have you ended up in Donetsk? Have you come here from the US?

David Simpson: 25 years ago I was a CIA agent in Riga, Latvia. My first wife was Russian, my second wife too. All of my friends, associates and family are actually Russian for the most part. I saw what the US did with Nuland in overthrowing Ukraine, and the constant provocation of Russia. Then the new Ukrainian government killing started its own citizens while calling them “terrorists”. I contrasted that with 9/11 in the US, destruction of other nations and the internal intentional rise of a oligarchy tyranny in the US. I left behind a good job, health care, car, pension and spent my life savings coming to Donetsk to help a government trying to start a new nation. Just like the USA in 1776 or Israel in 1948.

E&W: Had you ever been to Donetsk before and you do you like it there?

D. S.: No, I had never been to Donetsk before. But I lived in Riga for years, so this is similar. There is nostalgia as it reminds me of a simpler time. The city is like any other Russian or Soviet era city. I do not like anything else here outside of that description except the everyday people. I do not agree with the current administration on many things. And the climate is far too hot for me here.

E&W: How you are helping here? I mean, you came to Donetsk and you said “I am a former CIA intelligence expert, now I want to help you” or what was it like?

D. S.: In the US or West, we have a long history of foreign volunteers having been essential in our country being a success. Despite 6 years in university, years working for the US government, a decade in corporate America and years with the CIA, the government of the DNR refuses to hire or utilize foreign experts, however. I have seen them decline Russian ones too. It is a very local group that hires only family and friends. I offered officially to serve in intelligence, military, customs and border protection, city government also with the police for example. Every offer was declined. Because there is a monopoly concession given to a Finnish media group, we were further denied to the right to open a US based media outlet to be called the Donbass News Network. We were also denied the right to broadcast a radio show online from here and was refused to start a subscription news intelligence service like Stratfor. When I say we, I include partners and associates of mine from Russia, the USA, UK, Germany and Canada. They do not have the history of people like Steuben, Pulaski or General Turchin of Donbass who fought in the US civil war. But the people here seem to honestly believe I am an idiot for doing what I did. I would say that they don’t mistreat me but they sure as hell have no desire to use my talent, abilities or experiences for the collective good of their citizens.

David Simpson, left, in Donetsk

E&W: What were you doing back in the 1990s when you were working for the CIA?

D. S.: I was a CIA agent in Riga, Latvia from 92-95. I also operated in Russia. I operated a shell company that bought heavy weapons systems for the CIA in the then former Soviet Union. The systems included the BUK and others. I am the CIA expert they sent to Moscow to reassure them NATO would not expand. I am probably the only US CIA expert that can state with 100% certainty that a BUK ground launch did not bring down MH17. I was licensed by the US Treasury and State Departments to import these weapons systems for the US government. My primary contact Vadim Sintsov was arrested for spying for the UK. However other CIA Officers told me the US wanted this friendly channel of technology stopped as it would force US defense contractors to spend profits to produce systems equal to Russia. Clinton on advice of Neocons stopped us from continuing the purchases, fearing better relations they would be unable to manipulate for their goals. At CIA we can try to save the world, but not if the executive stops us intentionally.

E&W: The US likes to pose as the beacon of freedom in the global arena. When did you start to question the motives of the US foreign policy? Was there a particular moment?

D. S.: I always had a problem with the assassination of Kennedy. But when you work for the USA you start making comprises mentally. You see your own pension, salary and then your families security. This causes good people to do bad things. They prey on this and America has become so numb this last 25 years nothing surprises them or gets them up and fighting the system. Scattered loners and niche causes don’t count because they do not have the potential to overthrow completely the government that is. I used to think 9/11 would be the mechanism, but now they are more focused on litigation then revolution, so on the protracted mess continues. Seeing people called terrorists and indiscriminately murdered by their government using my taxes put me on the plane.

E&W: Yesterday the Dutch investigation revealed that the BUK missile system that is suspected of having brought down the MH17 came from Russia and went back to Russia? What is your take on that?

D. S.: This official version is absolutely hilarious. Like with Kennedy or 9/11 you will note none of this has an ending. It just goes further down the rabbit hole. I was the CIA expert sent to buy these weapons systems. Physics is why this is a load of nonsense the size of Obama’s ego. A BUK leaves a vapor trail from ground to impact. In the meteorological conditions that day, a vapor trail would linger for 20-30 minutes. There were thousands of people out there with cameras in an active war zone. If true, you would have hundreds of people photographing this. And that is just the start. What about the why you intentionally ran them over that area? Kiev did that not Russia. Or explain the 30 mm cannon holes made at altitude. The only platform for that damage is from another aircraft, not the ground. Then here you have the guy from the Ukrainian air base who put the air to air missile on the SU25, then saw it return minus one missile and most of his 30 mm rounds. But even discounting that you can’t explain away no vapor trail or the 30 mm holes from finishing the plane off. It wasn’t hit it and down it came. It flew on until torn into pieces that fell from the cannon fire. The pilot of the SU25 could not chance that thing somehow coming down intact with witnesses sending cell photos of that plane attacking them. I am aware of the SU25 versus MiG 29 arguments. I think that is not the primary issue, but the physics of how it could not be a BUK are irrefutable. It was a classic false flag that benefited Israel as they invaded Gaza these days and the Americans who with the Australians intended to invade Donbass after the shoot down. People forget Putin stopped them back in 2014 from going in and using this as a justification à la Maine or Lusitania.
It is ironic an American weapons expert from their government defects here and sits silent and idle with the ability to defend and clear their name. But again they only have a couple years in this game but this example of their arrogance and ignorance is more than a little telling.

E&W: Does this mean the US is really morally bankrupt?

D. S.: In America we have the veterans of foreign wars. There is no veterans of domestic wars. This is the American business model. It is how they survive and leech off the body of the world. They don’t know this because they are equally guilty by paying the taxes that finance the global death, destruction and corporate exploitation. I hope the BRICS can provide humanity an alternative to a system that must be stopped if our world is to live in peace and freedom.

E&W: And finally: aren’t you afraid sometimes of being dismissed as “just another conspiracy theory nutcase”?

D. S.: I don’t worry about conspiracy theories. I worry more about conspiracy facts. We are at a time in world history far more dangerous than Cuba in 1962 and yet Americans have never been less informed or more unaware of the consequences of unlimited government. I’m not a guy selling anything but evidence and fact. The media that is western owned and funded by the CIA and America’s government, they keep you busy with their own theories that are pretty far out there.

E&W: Thank you Mister Simpson.

D. S.: Thank you for having me.

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